How to bunt in MLB The Show 21

Love it or hate it, the bunt is still apart of baseball.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While there is a growing crowd of people who despise bunting in baseball, it is a practice that has been in the game since the 1800s. Sometimes it is a good practice to drop a bunt to try and steal an easy hit from a dominating pitcher, or if a pitcher is at the plate, it is a good idea to have them bunt so they can advance a runner who is on base. Here is how to bunt in MLB The Show 21 and get the most out of it.

To bunt in MLB The Show 21, all you need to do is hold Triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox, and your batter will square around and hold the barrel of the bat in the zone. If the pitch is in the area, they will automatically make contact with the ball. If the pitch is out of the strike zone, let go of the button before it comes through, and you will take a ball. If you leave the bunt out on an unhittable pitch, it will be a strike. Also, be careful of bunting with two strikes. If you bunt a ball foul in a count with two strikes, you will automatically strike out.

Before the pitch comes in, you can influence which side of the infield you want to bunt towards by moving the right stick in that direction. When the controller rumbles, that means you have set your bunting direction in.

You can also pull off what is called a drag bunt by tapping the button as the pitch is coming in. With this move, your batter will quickly put out the bunt as they begin to run towards first base. This is especially useful for speedy players but is a little harder to control, and if the pitch is unhittable, you will take a strike.

Bunts are used more for managing the game nowadays and are used primarily with a pitcher at the plate and a runner on base. There is an achievement/trophy tied to sacrifice bunting a runner over, so do this when you get a chance.