How to buy and build 9 Sentinels in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

Let Akshan swing right into your heart.

Image via Riot Games

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Half the fun of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is making absurd and ridiculous builds that feel crazy overpowered by the final rounds of the game. In Set 5.5, one great example has been the Sentinels class. The more you have, the more attack speed you get, and your units share an impressive shield to protect them from the enemy. However, the biggest buff comes from 9 Sentinels, a rare and powerful collection of units. So, how do you get 9 Sentinels in-game? 

The units

To get 9 Sentinels, you have to collect all 8 Sentinels unitsand use a Sentinels item on a non-Sentinels champion. Some great options would be another Ranger, Skirmisher, or Knight. Choosing one of these three will make an Akshan a more powerful carry, give Irelia and Olaf the Skirmisher buff, or make Galio a stronger front-liner. It all depends on who has all your gold and items.

If you have a perfectly built Akshan, a Ranger will help you the most, but if you end up with a really buff, possibly gold Olaf or Irelia, the Skirmisher buff will be invaluable. Your carries for this team with either be Lucian, Akshan, Galio, or Irelia. Irelia and Galio will not be carried in a damage sense, but their influence and abilities will be vital in keeping your team alive. All Sentinels: Olaf, Senna, Irelia, Pyke, Rakan, Lucian, Galio, Akshan.

The process

You need to think about a few unique subjects while trying to build 9 Sentinels. These are:

Leveling + Econ: Since you want all 9 Sentinels, a fast level 8 will be invaluable because you need to make it to level 9, too, meaning save your money and focus on leveling up.

Items: When it comes to items, keep an eye out for BF Swords, Recurve Bows, and Sparring Gloves to equip your AD carriers, Lucian or Akshan.

Positioning: With a somewhat thick front-line and some weak squishies behind, it’s probably best to make a nice line of Galio, Irelia, and Olaf in front, Rakan in the middle, and Akshan, Senna, Lucian, and Pyke in the back.

The 9th Sentinel: Unfortunately, your biggest hurdle will be the fact that you can’t make a Sentinel item. You have to look for it in carousels or armories.

Item Storage: You don’t want to have to wait until level 8 to put any items on your carries, so collect two different silver Olafs. Use one to carry your team through early and mid-game, and then sell him for the items. Then, you’ll have the second Olaf around, ready to replace the one you sold.

If you fail

Sentinels are a core part of many solid builds, so if you feel your collection falling apart, you can feel free to pivot into any of those. For example, Ironclad Sentinels or Sentinel Cannoneers are both solid builds. Just buy a few units like Jax, Miss Fortune, or Nautilus when you can, and you’ll be able to adapt.