How to capture animals in Wartales

Animals make great allies. You don’t even need to pay them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Animals can be powerful allies in Wartales. Some have a high movement that can be utilized on the battlefield and strong attacks to match. Capturing them isn’t the easiest task, however. It takes patience and items. Here is how to capture animals in Wartales.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Early in the game, you will most likely come across a fair number of wolves and boars. These creatures are great allies if you can get your hands on them. Before capturing an animal, you will first need to get your hands on some rope. Depending on what shop you visit, you may or may not find rope quickly. Some farmers have it in their inventory for you to buy. You can also obtain rope from completing quests or by talking to NPCs. Early on, some NPCs in the snowy mountains will give you some rope.

Once you have some rope in your inventory, pick a fight with some local creatures. If you are looking for them, make sure to walk through the forests. Boars and wolves will usually spawn in those areas. When you are in combat with them, damage one slightly and walk up to it with another unit. You will see that the unit has a new move called Capture. Use the Capture command to knock out the creature and keep it as an alley after the fight is over.