How to catch a shiny Happiny (flower crown) during Spring into Spring in Pokémon Go

An eggcellent event to celebrate Pokémon eggs and bunnies.

Image via Niantic

The Spring into Spring event will be the first Pokémon Go event for April 2021. It ushers in the wonderful sunlight stretching across the northern hemisphere, the colder months beginning to slip away. The Spring into Spring event features a Collection Challenge players will need to complete before it’s over. An exclusive Pokémon, Happiny with a flower crown, will be appearing in the game. It’ll also be available in its shiny form, looking slightly different than its original form. Unfortunately, Happiny won’t be showing in the wild.

Happiny will only be appearing in the Spring into Spring event through 5-kilometer eggs. These are Pokémon eggs you can receive by spinning Pokéstops or by catching them from Gym dials. You can carry several of them at a time, and so long as you’re using a different incubator, you can potentially hatch several during the event.

Several other Pokémon could potentially hatch from this egg, such as Exeggcute, Eevee, Pichu, Togepi, Azurill, Buneary, Munchlax, Rufflet, or Bunnelby. Even though the chances of Happiny appearing are stacked against you, it’s your best shot of capturing a shiny version of the Pokémon during the event.

The Spring into Spring Pokémon event will be from April 4 until April 8 in your local time zone. If you’re looking to encounter a shiny Chansey, Happiny’s evolved form, you might be able to find that Pokémon roaming the wild around you.