How to catch an eel and its location in Stardew Valley

It’s a slippery fish, and elusive.

Image via ConcernedApe

Capturing all of the fish in Stardew Valley can be a bit of a challenge. Not only can some fish appear in specific locations, but they may also only appear during certain seasons and times in the day. You’ll have to be fast and have a quick reference guide or idea of when they show up to make sure you catch them before they elude you, and you’re forced to wait for the next year to try again. For those struggling to find the location for eel, we have you covered.

Eel is a fish that only appears during the spring or fall months, and it must be raining. While raining, it will only show up from 4 PM to 2 AM, so you’ll have to wait through a majority of a day before you can start attempting to catch it. When you’re ready to head out, you need to make your way to the ocean to try and catch it, so run over to the docks and hang out by Willy to see if the two of you can get an eel to appear.

It’s one of the more difficult fish to capture, so you’ll want to have enough fishing experience to have a decent fishing pole to use against it. Like any fish in the game, while you may know its location, and when it appears, you still have a bit of luck on your hands whether you’ll be able to pull it out of the water. We recommend using the fiberglass or iridium rod to add bait to your cast. Although the iridium rod can use bait and tackle, it requires a fishing level of 6 to use. If you’re using tackle, you want to use the curiosity lure to increase your chances of catching a rare fish.

If you’re having trouble waiting for a rainy day to appear in Stardew Valley during spring and fall, you can check the trash cans in the game to try and have it appear. There’s a rare chance you can find an eel inside of one, which would be great to complete your Night Fishing community bundle, especially if you’re tired of wasting your bait.