How to catch Azumarill for the Spring into Spring Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

Azumarill is hiding from you.

Image via Niantic

Collection Challenges in Pokémon Go are the perfect opportunity for players to prove how effective they are at capturing Pokémon. There’s a collection challenge for the Spring into Spring event centered around the many event-exclusive Pokémon appearing from April 4 to April 8 in your local time zone. Many of them will show up in the wild, and a handful will also appear in eggs. One of the Pokémon in this list, Azumarill, is going to be exceptionally difficult to capture.

Unlike the other Pokémon, Azumarill will not appear in the wild or any of the eggs. Azumarill’s earlier forms will appear, though. Azurill will be available in a 5-kilometer egg drop, and Marill is spawning in the overworld. However, to complete the Spring into Spring challenge, you need to capture an Azumarill, which means encountering the Pokémon. You cannot evolve an Azurill or a Marill into an Azumarill during this event for it to count.

The only way to encounter an Azumarill during the Spring into Spring event will be to complete specific field research tasks or beat it at a three-star raid. These tasks drop from Pokéstops and Gyms that appear at landmarks all over Pokémon Go’s AR world. There’s no guarantee that you’ll find the correct one, though. The one you’re looking for that has Azumarill as a reward is the Catch 15 Exeggcute task.

The three-star raid battle is a decent alternative, but there’s a lot of chance involved.

There are several Catch Exeggcute field research tasks, but you want the one with 15 as a requirement. If you’re having trouble finding this task, make sure to clear your current field research tasks to open up a spot for it. You can only carry three at a time.

Once you complete this task, Azumarill appears for you to catch. You’ll be another step closer to finishing the Spring into Spring Collection Challenge, which wraps up on April 8.