How to catch balls in Knockout City

Protect yourself by catching anything thrown your way.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Knockout City is a large brawl in all game modes, albeit in the tone of a dodgeball game. You will constantly be tasked with scouring the environment to find a ball to grab and throw at your enemies. However, what about when you are on the other side? You will need to protect yourself from any incoming assaults by catching a ball thrown your way.

Catching balls in Knockout City is relatively simple, but it will require a good deal of timing. To put it simply, you need to pull the left trigger (L2, LT, or ZL) just before the ball connects with you to nullify any damage done to you and reload yourself with ammo.

As stated above, timing is required to catch a ball. When you pull the left trigger, your character will go into a catching stance for only a split second. If the ball doesn’t come in within this time frame, you will be left open for damage, so pick your usage carefully. If you spam the trigger, you are putting yourself in danger.

If you are uncomfortable with timing catches, there is a dummy bot in the hub that you can practice with. Stand in the circle in front of it, and you can work on getting your timing down.