How to catch Dragonite during Pokémon TCG: Crossover in Pokémon Go

Dragonite will only appear in certain locations.

Image via Niantic

For the Pokémon TCG: Crossover event, there are multiple Pokémon you need to catch in Pokémon Go. These will be for the Collection Challenges happening during this time, and by catching or trading these Pokémon, you can earn exclusive rewards. One of these Pokémon will be Dragonite, which will be a problematic Pokémon to encounter. Here’s what you need to know about how you catch Dragonite during Pokémon Go’s Pokémon TCG Crossover.

Where to find Dragonite during Pokémon TCG: Crossover

There are two locations you can find Dragonite for the TCG: Crossover Advanced Collection. The first will be in three-star raids. You will need to wait for a raid egg to appear at any of the Gyms in your local area, and then if it’s a three-star rank, wait until it hatches to see if it’s Dragonite. If you see Dragonite, use your daily Raid Pass on the encounter, bring a friend or two to defeat it, and then catch it at the end. Although you still need nee to catch Dragonite at the end of the encounter, this is likely the best way to find it.

The second thing you want to check while searching for a Dragonite is PokéStops to earn Field Research tasks. There are event-exclusive Field Research tasks happening for the Pokémon TCG: Crossover that reward you with a Dragonite encounter, namely the “Catch 40 Pokémon” Field Research tasks. You will know you have the correct one if the one you receive asks you to catch 40 Pokémon and has a border around it, indicating it’s for the event. However, it might also be a Snorlax or Slaking encounter. The reward can be any of these three Pokémon encounters.

Outside of these two methods, there’s no way for you to find a Dragonite during the Pokémon TCG: Crossover. Unfortunately, evolving your Dragonair into a Dragonite does not count.