How to catch Ferroseed in Pokémon Go during March breakthrough event

Ferroseed is the research breakthrough Pokémon for March

Background by Niantic, Ferroseed from the Pokémon Company

The March Research Breakthrough encounter is going to highlight Ferroseed, the thorn seed Pokémon in Pokémon Go. It will be replacing Woobat, who was February’s Research Breakthrough. The event takes place from March 1, starting at 1pm PST and ends on April 1 at 1pm PST.

The catch Ferroseed during this event, you need to visit PokéStops to receive new field research tasks. You can only carry three research tasks at a time, so if you already have three on your account, you need to finish those up. Every day you complete a research task, you receive a stamp for it. After completing seven of these tasks, you have the opportunity to catch Ferroseed, who should automatically appear in front of you when you redeem the reward. When you catch Ferroseed during these encounters, you receive additional Stardust from doing so.

Ferroseed is Steel and Grass-type Pokémon. It has a max CP of 941, an attack of 87, a defense of 155, and a stamina of 127. You primarily want to acquire Ferroseed to have it reach its evolved form, Ferrothorn, which you can do so after acquiring 50 Ferroseed candies. Ferrothorn is also a Grass and Steel-type, with a max CP of 2321, an attack of 158, a defense of 223, and has a stamina of 179.

The March Research Breakthrough starts on Mar. 1 at 1pm PST. It will be available to everyone who plays Pokémon Go.