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How to catch Grubbin in Pokémon Go

How many do you plan to catch?

Grubbin will be available in Pokémon Go. It’s a Bug-type Pokémon that you can find while exploring your local neighborhood, and similar to many Bug-type Pokémon, there’s a good chance you can find them while walking around. However, you won’t always find it on your walks; tracking it down can be troublesome. This guide details how you can catch a Grubbin in Pokémon Go.

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Where to find Grubbin in Pokémon Go

Grubbin is a Bug-type Pokémon. It will frequently spawn in nearby parks, meadows, and locations with multiple trees. Any nearby park is a good place to start, or even on the edge of towns or cities, depending on their size. Grubbin will debut during Pokémon Go’s Bug Out! 2022 event and will be available after it has concluded. It will be more difficult to locate, and you may have to wait until another Bug-type focused event arrives to see it appearing more frequently in the wild.

If you’re looking for a way to increase the chances of finding Grubbin in the wild, there are several things you can do beyond looking in the wild. While walking around, we recommend placing incense on your character. You will get the most benefit from it by walking around while activated. In addition, when taking breaks and stopping, place a Lure on a Poké Stop, a Mossy Lure, or a Rainy Lure will bring Bug-type Pokémon to your location.

You will want to capture multiple Grubbin to find an ideal one with the best IVs and then evolve it into Charjabug and Vikavolt. Obtaining a Charjabug will be much easier than Vikavolt because you will need to use a Magnetic lure on Charjabug to turn it into a Vikvavolt.

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