How to catch Larvitar in Pokémon Go – Johto Collection Challenge

Where can you find it?

Image via Niantic.

The Johto Celebration event in Pokémon Go is leading up to the massive Kanto Tour happening at the end of February. All of it is occurring to celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, having first launched in 1996. The Johto region is the first area that expanded from the original franchise and features the second generation of Pokémon. All players have the chance to participate in the Johto Collection Challenge during the Johto Celebration, and you’ll need to capture nine Pokémon to finish it. Larvitar, the Ground and Rock-type Pokémon, is on this list, and you can capture it through a specific method.

For those looking to capture Larvitar, you want to try and find it by hatching five-kilometer eggs and beating it in one-star raid battles. Of the two methods, one-star raid battles are likely the easiest. You’ll have to search for it in the wild, though. These raid battles only appear at gyms, and they only show up for an hour, so you have to be quick.

Because Larvitar is a Ground and Rock-type, we recommend you use Water and Grass-type Pokémon. The best ones you can use during the raid include Kyogre, Swampert, Feraligatr, Tangrowth, Torterra, Chesnaught, Gyarados, Roserade, and many more. You can use six Pokémon in the battle, so the more Water and Grass-types you use, the better.

If you’re having trouble finding a Larvitar raid, you can always use a remote raid pass to try and finish it when a friend sends out an invite. Alternatively, spinning PokéStops and Gym dials to receive a five-kilometer egg to try and hatch a Larvitar is also a way you can earn one. However, we don’t recommend relying on this method as it will be completely random what Pokémon you receive when it hatches. Both methods are random, so capturing a Larvitar during the Johto Celebration event might prove tricky for some players.

A handful of players have confirmed that Larvitar is also available by catching it in the wild. You’ll likely need to have the perfect weather conditions for it to appear and for luck to be on your side, though. Because of how difficult it can be to have all of these factors align perfectly, we recommend using the raid or five-kilometer egg method to find it.