How to catch Minun in Pokémon Go – Hoenn Collection Challenge

Another one to add to your collection.

Image via Niantic

The Hoenn Collection Challenge is in full swing in Pokémon Go. It features various Pokémon many players initially encountered when they played Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. This featured the third generation of Pokémon, and you need to capture nine specific Pokémon before the event ends. One of these Pokémon will be Minun, an Electric-type that was seen as the opposite of Plusle and looked like a Pikachu variation.

Minun is not a rare Pokémon. Typically, you will be able to capture Minun out in the wild. On the Pokémon Go blog, the development team listed an increased spawn for it to appear by completing specific special research tasks. You can grab these tasks by visiting Poké Stops or Gyms. They drop and go straight into your inventory. You can choose to decline them and grab another. Because you want Minun to appear to complete your Hoenn Collection, you want to make sure you grab a specific one, and it should say that you need to catch 11 Pokémon, so look for that field research task.

Once you have it, all you have to do is complete it, and Minun will appear immediately after receiving your reward. While Minun is a guaranteed drop, that doesn’t mean it won’t run away from you if you can’t capture it. We recommend you give it a razz berry to increase the chances of being able to capture it. After you catch it, you’ll see that Minun is no longer required for your Hoenn Collection Capture, and you’re nearly done with the challenge.