How to catch Plusle in Pokémon Go – Hoenn Collection Challenge

This one could be a little difficult.

Image via Niantic

The start of the Hoenn Celebration is in full swing for Pokémon Go. Players will have the chance to capture various Pokémon they first encounter while visiting the Hoenn region back when they initially appeared in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. Alongside the Hoenn Celebration is the Hoenn Collection Challenge. You need to capture nine specific Pokémon from the Hoenn region to earn this badge, and one of those Pokémon is Plusle.

While Plusle is not a rare Pokémon, it is making an appearance in the Hoenn Celebration event. However, you can encounter it in a specific way. You need to catch it by completing a specific special research task that will spawn during the Hoenn Celebration. When you see that you have access to the Hoenn Collection Challenge in your today view, you’ll know the research task will be dropping. You can grab it from a Poké Stop or a Pokémon Gym. Both are viable options. The field research you’re looking for should be the one that says you need to catch 11 Pokémon. Completing it gives you a Plusle or a Minun encounter so it might be one of them, and it could be the one you’re not looking to catch.

Once you have the specific research task, you’ll need to complete it before the end is over to acquire your Plusle encounter. While the encounter is guaranteed, capturing Plusle is not. We recommend you toss it a razz berry when it appears to make sure you increase your chances of catching it and adding it to your collection. After the encounter, you’ll see that Plusle is no longer required to complete your Hoenn Collection Challenge, and you’re one step closer to finishing it.