How to Catch Regirock in a Pokémon GO Raid

 How to Catch Regirock in a Pokémon GO Raid

Now that we have gotten passed the Eon Duo of Latias and Latios, the trio of Legendary Titans will be coming out to play.

Regirock is a pure Rock type Pokémon, but don’t let that fool you since Regirock has the ability to know the Electric type move, Zap Cannon. You will want to use a team of mainly Fighting type Pokémon for this battle. However, a couple of Water types aren’t bad either. The best counters are listed below.


How to Catch Regirock in a Pokémon GO Raid
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The Fighting type Pokémon, Machamp, is going to be your best friend against all three of the Legendary Titans. Not long ago, Pokémon GO had a Fighting type event that helped everyone gain some good Fighting Pokémon. The moves you want to have are Counter and Dynamic Punch.


The Ground type Legendary Pokémon will be able to dish out a lot of damage due to Rock types being weak to Ground. If you were able to catch a strong Groudon, you’ll want Mud Shot and Solar Beam as its moves.


How to Catch Regirock in a Pokémon GO Raid
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Taking a risk with the Eevee evolution Water type could pay off if Regirock doesn’t know Zap Cannon. Vaporeon has always been and always will be a powerhouse against any Rock type Pokémon. Water Gun and Hydro Pump are the best moves to have.


This Gen 3 Fighting type may be used in Gyms a lot, but is finally getting a chance to shine in a raid battle. Hariyama is a little underrated, but with moves like Counter and Dynamic Punch, you’re sure to put a lot of damage out.


The Grass and Psychic type Pokémon hasn’t seen much action lately, but will get plenty of use against Regirock. Dual Grass type moves are what you want Exeggutor to have. Bullet Seed and Solar Beam are your go to moves.

These Pokémon will help you achieve victory over Regirock and, with luck, you’ll also add one to your PokéDex. Don’t forget to check out our Regice and Registeel guides on which Pokémon to use against them as well.