How to catch shiny Nosepass in Pokémon Go

The shiny version of Nosepass is now live.

Image via Niantic

The Searching for Legends events in Pokémon Go has kicked off, allowing players to work alongside Professor Willow to search for the new Pokémon forms of Thundurus, Tornadus Landorus. By the end of March, the first Therian forms will release in five-star raids. But before that can happen, during the Searching for Legends event, Nosepass receives its shiny version for players to capture. The shiny version features a new appearance for Nosepass, allowing players to show it off to other players. Unfortunately, we can’t recommend Nosepass, or its evolved form Probopass, for any of the Battle League competitions. Still, it’s a fun Pokémon for players to capture who want to add another shiny to their collection.

During the Searching for Legends event in Pokémon Go, there are multiple ways for you to cross paths with a Nosepass. It’ll be appearing in the wild, you can lure it to using incense, you can hatch it from 5km eggs, or you can battle against it in one-star raids.

The best way to hunt Nosepass will be to activate incense on your character, walk around your neighborhood, and try seeing if it’ll be appearing in any one-star raids. The one-star raids are the best way to complete if you need to finish a field research task, and you can do them by yourself. The Searching for Legends timed research task will also be featuring several opportunities and rewards for you to capture Nosepass.

When the Searching for Legends event ends, Nosepass’ increased spawn rate will return to normal, and you’ll have to go back to find it in the wild. However, you should still have a chance for a shiny appearance to cross your path. It won’t be as easy, though.

You may have to wait for another event to feature increased Nosepass spawns to make your life easier.