How to catch Slaking during the Pokémon TCG Crossover event in Pokémon Go

Where can you find this Pokémon during the event?

Image via Niantic

The Pokémon TCG Crossover event celebrates the many themed Pokémon Go cards coming to the game. During the event, you will need to catch multiple Pokémon to complete several Collection Challenges, earning you rewards, and one of these challenges have you catching Slaking. In this guide, we’re going to cover how you can catch Slaking during Pokémon Go’s Pokémon TCG Crossover.

How to catch Slaking during the Pokémon TCG Crossover

There are only two ways for you to encounter Slaking during this event. The first way is to find it when it spawns in three-star raids. A three-star raid can appear at any Gym in your local area. When a raid egg spawns, you can click on the location to see what tier of difficulty it will be. Even though a three-star raid will appear, it may not be Slaking, and it could be one of the other available Pokémon, so you may need to explore your local area to find a suitable three-star raid featuring Slaking.

The second way is to spin PokéStops and Gyms to find the correct event-exclusive Field Research task. There are a series of Field Research tasks available during the Pokémon TCG Crossover event, and the one you want to find is where you need to “Catch 40 Pokémon.” You will earn the chance to find a Dragonite, Slaking, or Snorlax potentially. The problem in completing this challenge is whether you will have enough Poké Balls to catch all of these required Pokémon in a timely fashion. It does not guarantee you an encounter with Slaking, unfortunately.

These are the best methods to find Slaking during the Pokémon TCG Crossover event. Unfortunately, you cannot evolve a Vigoroth into a Slaking for it to count for the Pokémon TCG Crossover Collection Challenge.