How to Catch and Tame Temtem


The heart of Temtem is catching and taming new Temtem to add to your collection. You can’t truly become a great Temtem Trainer unless you have a massive selection of Temtem that you can explore with, battle with, and level up to form a super team. You can try to catch and tame Temtem that you run into in the wild.

When you are exploring the world, as you run around, you can get into battles with Temtem, giving you a chance to tame them. Temtem can be hiding anywhere, so make sure you explore tall grass, caves, and rivers.

To catch Temtem, you will need TemCards. These can be found when you are exploring the world and can be purchased from Temporiums for 15 Credits. You will also get six of them at the start of your game from Professor Konstantinos.

When you are battling Temtem, you can choose to go to your bag instead of using a Temtem technique, then select the TemCard, and pick which Temtem you want to use it on. It is best to weaken the Temtem first, but damaging it or causing a status effect, as this will make catch it easier. The difficulty of catching them will vary from Temtem to Temtem, but it is generally best to be within at least a couple of levels of the Temtem you wish to capture.

If successful, the Temtem is caught in the TemCard, and you can choose to add them to your squad or place them in a box. Any damage that the Temtem took during the fight will carry over, so you will need to heal them before you can use them in a battle.