How To Change Your Appearance And Gender In Dragon Quest Builders 2

When you first load up Dragon Quest Builders 2, you will be asked to change your character. You can pick your hair color, skin color, and eye color, and also your gender. But, what happens if you change your mind? It is possible to change your appearance and gender later in the game, but you will need to build a specific item to do it. You also need to get to a specific part of the game before you can build that item because nothing is ever easy when you are an apprentice Builder!

How To Change Your Appearance And Gender

Dressing Table

To change your appearance and gender, you will need to get as far as chapter 2, which is when you will eventually learn the recipe for the Dressing Table. If you build a Dressing Table and place it in your bedroom, it will give you the option to change how your character looks.

Just use a workbench to craft the Dressing Table, then place it in your dressing room. It is part of the Neat n Sweet Bedroom recipe, which consists of any one resident’s sign, one dressing table, any one chair, any one ornamental flower, any one light source, any one bed.

You can use the Dressing Table to set your various weapon skins, armor, and clothing pieces, and change your eyes, hair, skin, and gender all over again if you wish.