How to change attack modes in Babylon’s Fall

Combat finally starts coming together.

Babylon's Fall

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Babylon’s Fall is an action RPG from Platinum Games, and so you expect deep combat. To its credit, there are many interesting systems to dig into throughout the game, but there’s one that almost revitalizes the moment-to-moment experience — the addition of attack modes.

Attack modes don’t unlock until after finishing the story. The final story mission, Heart of the Blue Sun, has a power level 70 requirement, which will take the average player roughly 25 to 30 hours to reach. After finishing the story, you’ll receive a mission marker telling you to speak to Desran in the tavern. After doing so, you now have access to the feature.

How to switch attack modes

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After speaking to Desran, you can switch attack modes from the equipment screen between missions. Selecting any weapon prompts the option to set its attack mode. The shield is the only weapon that has access to the standard mode. Don’t forget to pick your attack modes before queuing for a mission, as you won’t be able to do so after starting.

These modes can be selected separately for each weapon slot. There are three attack modes, each with its own specific use cases.

The standard attack mode plays exactly as you’ve experienced up until this point. There’s nothing special there. Power mode decreases your combo potential but increases the amount of damage dealt. Spectral weapons can also be charged longer for even more powerful attacks.

Technical mode is more in line with what character action fans expect. The combo list expands over what’s available in either of the other modes. Technical mode also offers spectral attacks benefits dealing extra damage when timed with a combo finisher, making this the perfect attack mode for those that yearn for more depth.