How to Change Bicycle Outfit Colors in Pokémon Sword and Shield


There are several customization options available for your Pokémon trainer in Pokémon Sword and Shield. You can also modify your character’s bicycle outfit, the one they wear when you take out your Rotom Bicycle.

To modify the outfit, you need to seek out a Watts Vendor. You can find one at the entrance of the Wild Area at the bottom of the steps leading up to Motostoke in a black-and-white outfit. You can find Watt Traders at the following locations in the Wild Area:

  • Watt Trader at the Meetup Spot
  • Watt Trader at Dappled Grove
  • Watt Trader at East Lake Axewell
  • Watt Trader at Hammerlocke Hills
  • Watt Trader at Giant’s Seat
  • Watt Trader at Giant’s Cap

Talk to him and ask him for “A Makeover!” He’ll give you options based on the first Pokémon in your party.

Where to Change Bicycle Colors

If you don’t like those color options, you can swap the first option with another Pokémon to get even more choices. The colors change based on the Pokémon’s type. To return to the default color, you need to ask him to go with “Rotom Colors.”