How to change factions in New World

Ready to play for the other team?

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There are three factions for you to choose from in New World. You can pick to join the Covenant, Marauders, or the Syndicate. Each server in New World has varying populations, so one choice could be favored over another. If you immediately pick one of these factions and regret your decision, there is a way to pick another choice. In this guide, we’re going to share how to change factions in New World.

When you’re ready to pick to change your faction, find a safe place to access your main menu and go to the character selection screen. There should be five tabs that open up in the character selection piece, and you want to go to the ‘bio’ tab. From here, you should see the faction you’ve joined and your current rank with them. Below that, there’s the option to change your faction and join a new one. It should happen instantly.

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You will have to wait 120 days between changing factions. The process of swapping factions does not cost any money or premium currency. Therefore, you want to make sure you join the one with everyone you want to play with and plan to be most active during those 120 days.