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How to change in-game language in Hogwarts Legacy

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Unless there is an option in-game to change the language that is both heard and seen on the subtitles, modifying this particular aspect in any game can be a bit tricky. Unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy does not support an in-game option in the Settings to change the in-game language. But, this can be modified by way of changing some settings on your particular platform. With that said, let’s take a look at how you can change the in-game language in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to change Hogwarts Legacy in-game language

As mentioned in the intro, there is no option to do this in-game through the Settings. While users can change performance settings, motion blur, and volume, there isn’t a way to change the in-game language through the menus. Thus, the easiest way to change the in-game language in Hogwarts Legacy is simply by changing the default language on the console.

To do that, go into the console’s settings. For example, Xbox Series X|S owners can enter the Settings app, and then select ‘Language & location.’ From there, change the ‘Language’ that is set in the ‘System’ section to whichever one you would like, and then restart the console.

For the PlayStation 5 go to the Settings menu, select ‘System’ and then ‘Language.’ In the ‘Console Language’ list you can change to your preferred option.

Once you restart the console and boot up Hogwarts Legacy again, the game will be set to whichever language is the default.

If you want to tinker with subtitles, go into the settings of your console to look for the Subtitles section. For example, PlayStation 5 has a ‘Subtitles and Audio’ section that can be found within the in-game settings. This can tweak the language that the subtitles are set to, aside from the audio.

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