How to change servers in New World – server transfer guide

More servers are on the way, and you can join them when they arrive.

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New World’s launch is slightly more complicated than many initially believed, and the servers are having trouble. Because of how many players are attempting to jump into the game simultaneously, Amazon Games has reached out to players to offer them a chance to find a smaller server where the population is not so how. If you’re interested in changing servers in New World, this is how server transfer works and what you need to do. Because of the complications, Amazon Games offers these transfers for free for the next two weeks.

Amazon Games has provided an update on how to transfer characters when the time comes. Unfortunately, the feature is still not ready at this time. However, they should be arriving sometime next week, any time from October 11 to 18.

When you’re ready to transfer, the process will be going into the New World store by clicking the ‘Esc’ key and claim the Server Transfer token. You will also need to make sure you have left your current company, along with any active Trading Post sell and buy orders, and be inside a settlement.

Here’s everything that comes with you when you transfer.

  • You will keep all character progression (level, weapon mastery, titles, etc.).
  • You will keep your Faction alliance and progress
  • You will keep your inventory and storage.
  • You will keep all of your currency.
  • You will keep your houses and housing decorations.
  • You will keep all quest progress.

Here are all of the locations you will be able to move your character to when the New World server transfers are ready.

  • You cannot move your character to a full world.
  • You cannot move your character to a world in maintenance.
  • You cannot move your character to a world set that you have an existing character in already.

Server transfer tokens will be available moving forward, but they will have a payment requirement. Amazon Games has been exceptionally forward with players about the process, and while things were all over the place during launch, the current system seems like a good way for players to find a server with their pals and find their forever home.