How to change skills on weapons in Monster Hunter Rise

Swap out your weapon’s skills and try something new.

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You can customize your weapon’s skills in Monster Hunter Rise, a new concept introduced to this game series. By swapping out skills, you can modify how the weapon functions and the attacks it does to fit your playstyle better. You do not immediately unlock this new talent. You gain access to it as you progress through the game, so if you haven’t unlocked it yet, you want to keep playing through the story and completing quests through the Village Progress tab. You’ll gain access to changing your skill when you’re capable of undergoing three-star hunter quests and right before your first rampage defense.

When you reach three-star quests in Monster Hunter Rise, make your way to Master Utsushi, and speak to him. You can find him hanging around the back of the Gathering Hub area, over by the Canteen. Speak to him, and he’ll tell you about how to change skills and what they do. This unlocks it for all of your weapons for the rest of the game.

To change your skill, you’ll need to find an item box. You can visit any of the many item boxes in Monster Hunter Rise and then access the Change Skills tab. It will be the third one in the available choices, just below Manage Equipment. Click on it, and you’ll be able to change the skills of your currently equipped weapon. If you want to change another weapon’s skills, your character needs to have that weapon equipped, which you can swap out in the Manage Equipment tab.

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You read over the available skills you can pick and find the one you want to use. More skills should unlock as you progress through the story of Monster Hunter Rise.

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