How to change squad name in Marvel Future Revolution

What’s in a name?

Image via Netmarble

Squad name is the official IGN by which a player’s roster is identified in Marvel Future Revolution. You get to choose the desired squad name after completing the tutorial for the first time. Many players make the mistake of picking a random name at the begining and are unable to change it later. That said, there is one way of changing the name and here is how to do so.

As mentioned before, you get to pick the desired squad name after completing the initial tutorial for the first time. Fortunately, you also get a single Squad Name Change Ticket after completing the tutorial. It is essentially a consumable item that can be used for changing the squad name. However, the item can only be used once and will dissipate after consumption.

Once you have used the free Squad Name Change Ticket, you can buy a subsequent one at the in-game shop for 500 Crystals. However, Crystals are a scarce resource and should only be used for upgrade purposes. 

Players can farm Crystals by clearing up the story as well as side quests. Additionally, there are passive challenges that can be completed to acquire Crystals. Finally, players can also buy the resource using real money, but it’s not recommended to do so.