How to change stadium cosmetics in Mario Strikers: Battle League

A stadium to call a home.

Image via Nintendo

Mario Strikers: Battle League has changed up the way it handles its stadiums. Both sides get to choose a theme that locks onto the other side, so you have dual themes clashing with each other while the teams fight it out. In-between matches, you can also change up the look of your side anytime you want if you have the proper currency. Here is how to change the cosmetics on your stadium in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

How to change your stadium looks in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Changing the stadium cosmetics in Mario Strikers: Battle League is exclusive to the Striker’s Club mode. This is an area of the game where you create a club filled with other members and play against online opponents. To change your stadium’s looks, go to Club Management and click on Stadium.

On this next page, the owner of the Striker’s Club will be able to change the theme, fence post, goal-line decoration, goals, and field design. While other members can not make the changes themselves, they can vote for the features they want to have represent them.

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To be able to change the cosmetics here, the club needs to have accumulated Tokens. Tokens are earned from playing matches, so all of your members will accumulate Tokens as they play Striker’s Club online matches. Tokens can also be earned depending on your placement during the in-game season. Each season lasts for one week, followed by an off-week.