Every attribute and how they work in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Master your attributes, master the game.

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There are five attributes to account for in Mario Strikers: Battle League, with each of them affecting a different aspect of your character’s skills. While some attributes focus on how well you handle the ball, others focus on your teamwork. Attaining a proper mix of these attributes will help you ensure victory over your opponent. Prioritizing one over the rest will sometimes lead to failure.

All Mario Strikers: Battle League attributes

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As stated above, there are five attributes that each character in the game possesses. While some characters have certain stats that are high, they will also have stats that are rather low. For example, Bowser has high strength and shooting stat but severely lacks the speed that other characters in the game have. Here are all of the attributes to look out for:

  • Strength: Determines how strong your character is. Having a high strength stat means that your character has a higher resistance to being tackled. This attribute also increases the power behind their tackle. Characters like Bowser, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, and Wario have high strength.
  • Speed: Speed is one of the most basic attributes and purely affects your character’s running speed on the field. Characters like Waluigi, Toad, and Peach have high speed.
  • Shooting: This stat determines how powerful your shots will be when attempting to get a goal. The shooting attribute determines how likely you are to have the ball fly past Boom Boom. This stat also makes it more likely for your shots to stun Boom Boom so you can get a follow-up shot. Characters like Yoshi, Wario, and Rosalina have a high shooting stat.
  • Passing: Teamwork is what makes the dream work. That is where the passing attribute comes in. The passing stat increases the speed at which you pass the ball. This stat also determines the range at which you can make a free pass. Characters like Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Luigi each have a high passing stat.
  • Technique: Your character’s technique is perhaps one of the most important stats you can focus on. Having a high technique stat increases the accuracy of your shots and the amount of curve you put on the ball. Not only does this stat affect your shooting, but it also makes it easier to execute perfect moves. To top it all off, technique also affects the Hyper Strike meter, making it easier to execute a Hyper Strike.

How to change your attributes

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You can change your character’s stats by equipping different gear sets to them. Sets like the Muscle Gear or Cannon Gear are designed to increase a specific stat while decreasing others. Make sure you do not decrease another stat too much or you will have a hard time keeping up on the field. You can equip one piece of gear on each of your character’s body parts. Make sure you equip gear that will help your character on the field. It is usually best to stick with what they are good at while also increasing their weaker stats. You can access the gear menu by selecting the Gear Settings option in the main menu.