How to change team member tactics in Scarlet Nexus

Change your tactics.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Scarlet Nexus, your team will not just mindlessly follow you around. They will have set behaviors and tactics that you can change if you want them to behave differently during missions. Changing these is quite simple, and it pays to have a decent mix of tactics in your party.

To change the tactics, open the main menu and then go to the Party tab. Hit the prompted button on the character card in the lower right to change tactics. For example, this is Y on Xbox, or Z on PC.

You will now see a list of potential tactics:

  • Fight to the brink – this will basically have the NPC putting it all on the line to deal damage, but will increase the likelihood of them being downed.
  • Don’t Overdo It – the NPC will adopt a more conservative combat style that is less risky, but outputs less damage.
  • Evasive Maneuvers – the NPC will prioritize not taking damage over doing damage.
  • Target Different Enemy – the NPC will focus on a different enemy to one that you are locked on to.
  • Target Same Enemy – the NPC will focus the same enemy that you are locked on to.
  • Battle at Will – the NPC AI will make its own decision about what to find and when.

We have found it’s a good idea to have an agile character set to the focus on the same target as you to quickly take down the most threatening enemy, while other can be set to target different enemies to keep them all from ganging up on the player character.