How to change the camera angle in Madden 21

It can be a bit confusing at first.

Changing the camera in Madden can be very important when it comes to improving the overall gaming experience. Some may want to feel like they are on an actual football field and want a lower camera angle that’s closer to the field. On the other hand, others may want a higher camera angle to see each play form step by step. There are several camera options to choose from in Madden 21, but how do you change the angle? Let’s go over the process.

When you are in a game, make sure that you have already called a play (this can be either a play on offense or defense). Once both players have called a play, you will be in the pre-snap part of the play. Once here, you can change the camera angle. To do this, hit either UP or DOWN on the Xbox or PlayStation controller pad.

There are many options to choose from, so if you are not satisfied with the camera angle that was selected, you can keep rotating through the options by either pressing up or down on the pad. Ideally, this should be done while you are on offense. The reason is that you will be able to control when the ball is snapped. If you are attempting to change the camera angle while you are on defense, you may get caught up with the camera and neglect the current play on the field.