How to change the camera angle in Madden 22

Choose the right look.

Changing the camera in Madden can be very important when it comes to improving the overall gaming experience. Some may want to feel like they are on an actual football field and want a lower camera angle that’s closer to the field. On the other hand, others may want a higher camera angle to see each play form from start to finish and get a good look at the whole field. There are several camera options to choose from in Madden 22, but how do you change the angle? Let’s go over the process.

If you are in a game, you’ll want to direct your direction to the right gamepad for Xbox, or the touchpad for the PlayStation. To change the camera angle, simply press Up or Down on the pad.

Pressing Up on the pad will move the camera up, while hitting Down will, as you might expect, shift it down and towards the field. There are a number of camera angles in Madden 22, so make sure to go through each one carefully before settling for a particular one. Our recommendation is to try out a few in offline Exhibition play, so that you can test various angles and get a bit used to one in a relaxed setting.