How to change the camera angle in MLB The Show 21

Having trouble getting the right angle?

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’re a newcomer to MLB The Show 21, you might be wondering as to whether you can change the camera angle. Most sports games offer some sort of of camera angle change options, and the same can, in fact, be said about MLB The Show 21. However, you might be a bit puzzled when looking at the title at first glance. If you’re a bit stuck, here’s how you can change the camera angle in MLB The Show 21.

To change the angle, hit Pause during a game and then scroll over to the Settings. Then, select the Cameras tab once the scroll-down menu appears.

There are four different camera options that can be changed, as those options are as follows:

  • Batting View – The camera used when at the plate. Batting camera angle options range from Fish Eyes, to strike high, and even from pitcher’s point of view.
  • Pitching View – Default is behind the pitcher, but can be changed to be put at Fish Eye, Broadcast, and Center, among other options.
  • In-Play View Defense – This option is for how the camera will look in the field.
  • In-Play View Offense – This option is for how the camera will look while up during your half of the inning

There are a slew of options available, so if you’re stuck on which one to choose, our advice is to simply try out one in offline play. If you like an angle, stick with it. Otherwise, scroll through some of the options until you find one that you are comfortable with.