How to change the pet you rescue in Spelunky 2

You can choose from three furry friends.

Spelunky 2 pet

One of the best things about Spelunky games is the charming characters that you can encounter. In Spelunky 2, the dog that our hero Ana has as a companion is one such character, with the pooch proving to be an adorable accomplice.

However, if the regular canine is not your thing, the team at Mossmouth have included a few different animal options for you to choose from. You can switch the pooch for a white and orange cat, or a large gerbil. All three are the same size, and it is simply the skin of the damsel that you are looking to rescue that is changed.

To change the damsel that you can rescue in Spelunky 2, head to the options menu, and there will be a tab for gameplay. Once here, you can choose between any of the three available skins, as well as any unlockables, using the Pet Style options. 

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Alternatively, you can choose the option for the pet skin to be randomized, meaning that any of the three can show up at any time. You can also change it while on a map within the pause menu.

It’s worth noting that each of the skins will make slightly different sounds on the map, so we recommend that you be wary of any time you do change the damsel so that it can sound different.