How to change voiceover language in Monster Hunter Rise

Image via Capcom

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to language choice in video games. Some folks like subs, while some like dubs. It’s an age old argument, but not something that you need to worry about in Monster Hunter Rise. The game can accommodate any combination of the two that you like.

To change these options, use the D-Pad to navigate to the options menu on the main title screen, then to Language. Here, you will find two options, one for Text, and one for Voice. Text will have a considerable number of options for use NA region players.

Language is somewhat more limited, but will give three options. You can play in English, Japanese, or Monster Hunter Language. You can set these options to any combination of the two that you like.

What is Monster Hunter Language?

Monster Hunter Language is a made up phonetic specifically for the Monster Hunter games. It is normally voice by the Japanese voiceover artists, but does not appear to make any actual sense.

The option is something of a callback to the olden days of gaming, when language in games were normally gibberish accompanied by text on the screen, to avoid needing to worry about localization for the audio tracks.