How to buy a Pirate Appearance Potion in Sea of Thieves

Change things up with a new pirate’s look

Image via Rare

For those eager to have a different physical appearance for your pirate in Sea of Thieves, developers Rare listened and have a brand new method for you to do so rather than creating a brand new character. You continue to keep all of the achievements, appearance items, and rewards you’ve acquired on the character, but they now look different to other players you interact within the game.

You can change your look using the appearance potion, which you can find in the Emporium. The Emporium is the top of the Order of Souls. You can find one in every outpost you visit in the game. Not only can you pick up the appearance potion there, but you can purchase various other cosmetic items, such as ship appearances, pets, and emotes. When you speak to the shopkeeper, the appearance potion should cost you 149 Ancient Coins.

Ancient Coins are the premium currency in Sea of Thieves. You can choose to purchase them directly from the game using real-world money, or you can fight Ancient Skeletons. The Ancient Skeletons stand out from the traditional ones due to their blue and gold appearance, and they carry a large sack with them. The sack is full of Ancient Coins, which are yours for the taking if you can take them down quickly enough. Finding them is difficult, and random, so the easiest option, if you want to alter your pirate’s appearance, is to buy them directly from the store, which should cost you $1.99 for 150 Ancient Coins.

When you have the chance to use the appearance potion, you return to the character selection screen and you can start all over with your character. Again, this item only alters their appearance, and you keep all of the cosmetics you’ve earned.