How to change your Ascendancy in Path of Exile

Change your Ascendancy class without starting over.

Image via Grinding Gear Games

Playing a character build in Path of Exile can often be confusing at best of times, and at worst, there could be decisions that threaten to tank your build before it even gets off the ground. Sometimes you have to scrap and start over, but there are often ways to mitigate those mistakes with a bit of an investment and repair the course. One common misconception is that if you have chosen the wrong Ascendancy class, you have to start over. But that is not the case. The following guide will teach you how to undo that mistake and pick a new Ascendancy class.

Some side quests during the campaign have provided you with Refund points that you can use on the passive skill tree. And it follows that the Ascendancy tree functions exactly like a passive skill tree in its own way. Those nodes can also be refunded if you want to take a different path. However, refunding a chosen Ascendancy node costs five times as many Refund points as a normal passive node.

How and where to change your Ascendancy class

To change your Ascendancy, you will need to refund ALL of the nodes you have picked up so far. So, for example, if you have completed two Labyrinths and allocated the four points that you have earned from that, you would have to use 20 Refund points to refund those points. If you don’t have enough Refund points, don’t worry — you can always use Orbs of Regret (bought or farmed while playing) to add more Refund points to your total.

The next step is to go to the Labyrinth and play it all the way to the end. The difficulty does not matter, so if you only want to rush to the end, simply pick the first and easiest Labyrinth and smash through it. After defeating Izaro for the third time at the end of the Labyrinth, interact with the Altar of Ascendancy. If you have no points allocated, as per the previous step, you will be able to choose a new Ascendancy class from the Altar.