How to change your name in Among Us

Make a name for yourself.

Image via Innersloth

Making yourself stand out as a member of an Among Us crew can be a little difficult and probably something you don’t always want to do. It might be better to remain under the radar, depending on if you’re playing as the imposter or the innocent crew member. For those who want to make a funny name associated with their character in the game, making and changing your name is pretty easy. But you might overlook if you’re consistently waiting for an invite from a friend to join the game.

Whenever you choose to host a local or an online game at the very top of the screen, the screen name you want to give for your character pops up. Click on this space, delete whatever you have here, and you can input your favorite name the game you enter. Unfortunately, whenever you enter a game, you do not have the option to change it once you enter a game.

Whenever you want to change the name at the top, return to the main menu and click the top name. Make sure you return to the starting menu to choose to host a game, find a public one, or enter a code for a private match, to alter it. Otherwise, you can freely customize your character in the lobby area of Among Us at the computer screen. You have to approach and interact with it to choose the various options for your appearance.