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How to change your name in Among Us

Make a name for yourself.

Making yourself stand out as a member in an Among Us game is not something you always want to do. It might be better to remain under the radar, depending on if you’re playing as the imposter or one of the innocent crew members. One subtle way to do this is by changing your appearance or character’s name. Making and changing the in-game name is easy, but the process changed from the original format. Here’s what you need to know about how to change your name in Among Us.

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How to change your username in Among Us

Before you can go about changing your name, make sure you’ve already created an account in Among Us. You can do this by visiting the Main Menu, going to the left side of the screen, and looking for the section that says, “Account Info.” All you have to do is click that tab on the left side of your screen, and then it will show all your account information on an ID card. You next need to click the ‘Sign In’ choice at the bottom of your screen. When it asks you to sign in, you’ll be registered for a new account.

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With the new account information updated, you’ll now be free to update your account to modify your name. Note that you have to do it before starting any game of Among Us, so you can’t switch your name mid-match. There’s also no need to worry about a limit on how many times you change your name. Simply head back to this same screen and switch it at will.

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You can choose a completely random name or pick one that’s similar to your old name. The name does not have to be unique, either. You and a friend can both have the same name over your head, potentially confusing any people you’re playing with, making an Among Us match that much more challenging.

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