Every Achievement in Among Us, and how to get them

Some extra tasks to do.

Among Us characters colors

Image via Innersloth

For a long time, the main reason to keep coming back to play Among Us was that it is fun, especially when playing with friends. Now that the Cosmicube update is out, there are even more reasons to return to the game with unlockable achievements. Here is every achievement in Among Us and how to unlock them.

  • A Taste For It – Get your first kill
  • Killer – Get five total kills (lifetime, not in one game)
  • Assassin – Get 50 total kills
  • Scourge – Get 150 total kills
  • Intern – Complete ten total tasks
  • Manager – Complete 100 total tasks
  • Taskmaster – Complete 500 total tasks
  • A Ship Adrift – Win three games on Skeld
  • Corporate Lockdown – Win three games on Mira
  • Unearthed – Win three games on Polis
  • Toppat Crewmates – Win three games on Airship
  • Never Suspect a Thing – Win a game as an Impostor in a match with two Impostors and both of them survive
  • A Well-Oiled Machine – Win a game as a Crewmate while completing all tasks
  • Saboteur – Win a game as an Impostor from sabotaging a critical system
  • Slasher – Win a game as an Impostor from killing all Crewmates
  • Survivor – Win a game as a Crewmate where you survived until the end
  • Smooth Talker – Win a game as an Impostor where the final vote led to a Crewmate being thrown out
  • Impossible Task – Complete the Card Swipe task on your first try
  • Lights Out – Get a kill while the lights are sabotaged
  • Watch me scan – Get killed during a Medbay Scan
  • Crewpostor – As an Impostor, sabotage something and then fix it
  • Hunger – As an Impostor, get three kills in a round before a meeting is called
  • Sherlock – Win a game as a Crewmate with every single one of your votes being placed on an Impostor
  • Circumventer – As an Impostor, win a game without using vents