How to change your Reticle color in Apex Legends

Eyes on target!

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Changing your reticle appearance has been a feature in most FPS titles for a while now. Customizing your reticle can help with maintaining target during engagements and not accidentally losing your reticle due to it blending in with the surrounding map geometry and scenery. Many players have already changed their color schemes giving them that slight edge or even because that’s the color they want to look at during their sessions. This guide will tell you how you can personalize your weapon reticle with a color change.

To access the settings that govern the changing of your reticles color, open your settings menu and navigate to the ‘Gameplay’ tab. Once in this section, you will find the area to customize the reticle’s color. Within this section, you will have a few options available to you, such as selecting some presets from the developers, manually entering the RGB numeric values, or utilizing the provided sliders to create your custom coloration.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

We recommend going into the firing range while adjusting these settings so you can see how your color selection looks while in-game. Depending on your preferences, this could be a short or long endeavor, so having some idea of what you want going in will benefit you. Once you have dialed in your values to the exact coloration, you want it’s time to queue up and give it the ultimate test.