How to change your sub palette in Phantasy Star Online 2

Sega didn’t make this one easy

Image via Sega

Phantasy Star Online 2 can be difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to customizing your layout. If you want to change your sub palette, follow the instructions below. Please note that you’ll need to do this with a keyboard and mouse; at this time, there is no known method to change the layout with a controller.

Using the keyboard and mouse to change your sub palette

By default, your sub palettes are mapped to NumPad7, NumPad8, and NumPad9. To change these settings, open up the Escape menu, choose Options, then Control Settings, Keyboard Settings (Keyboard), and click on the Shortcuts tab. Take note of the option you have selected for “Switch Palettes,” and then determine what you have selected for “Run Char Shortcuts,” located directly above “Switch Palettes.”

From here, go back to your Escape menu, choose System, and Chat Settings. Now, choose the second option on the left, labeled “Chat Shortcuts.” Now, you can set your shortcut by typing “/spal[x]” where [x] is the sub palette number you want to put in the shortcut. For example, “/spal2” would set the shortcut to sub palette 2.

You should now be all set to use your chosen shortcuts to swap between sub palettes by hitting F1 through F12, the NumPad keys, or whichever choice you made in the menu.