How to charge PS5 controller

Learn how to keep your new DualSense controller charged.

Even with the changes coming to the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 from the DualShock 4, the manner by which you charge its battery is largely the same.

Charging your DualSense is incredible easy and there are two ways you can go about doing it:

Plug it into the console/outlet

The DualSense controller uses a USB-C port to charge its battery, just like the DualShock 4 did. The console comes with several USB ports and a charging cable that you can plug right into the console for charging, while you play or when you are away.

You can also purchase a third-party cable if you want one of tougher-quality or greater length.

You can also use a USB outlet adapter to charge your controller from an outlet if you don’t want it plugged into your console.

Use a charging station

You can also buy a charging station that is usually plugged into the wall and can also serve as a place to store your DualSense when you’re not playing.

Sony produces their own charging stations, and you can also find a third-party one after they come on the market. These just require you to spend some more money compared to the other method which is available right out of the box.