How to check Rogue Company server status

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How to check Rogue Company server status

Rogue Company was released in early October, after being in closed beta for quite a while. With over four million players on PlayStation 4 alone, it has turned out to be one of Hi-Rez’s most successful game launches to date. With the game being fairly new, several server issues have been cropping up lately.

When players face connectivity issues, they sometimes fall into a dilemma about whether their internet is causing the problem or the game servers themselves are down. The best way to be sure about it is by checking the server status of Rogue Company. Thankfully, Hi-Rez has a portal to know about the current server status of the game.

Here is how you can check the server status for Rogue Company.

  • Go to
  • Click on the “+” symbol beside Rogue Company
  • Check the server status corresponding to your platform

If the server is facing any issues, Hi-Rez usually updates it on this portal. You can also find the scheduled maintenance timings for the game just below it. Alternatively, you can also keep a tab on Hi-Rez Operation’s Twitter page, which is constantly updated with status updates of Hi-Rez games.