How to chew the clock in Madden 22

Make the clock run.

Image via EA Sports

Chewing the clock can be useful in both online, and offline games in Madden 22. EA Sports offers a Chew Clock option players, and this, when active, will speed up the play clock, and run the time of the game down automatically. For offline games, especially MUT challenges, this is a great way to finish out these events in a fast and efficient manner. And for online games, chewing the clock can quite possibly kill any chance of the opposition getting the ball back, so long as you keep the ball in bounds.

So, how do you chew the clock in Madden 22? Let’s go over what you will need to do.

In order to chew the clock in Madden 22, you will need to change the Tempo of your offense. The Tempo accounts for how quickly you want the offense to move out onto the field and set up for a play. To chew down the clock, we want to set this to, as you would might expect, the Chew Clock Tempo.

To set the Tempo to Chew Clock, double click the left stick (for Xbox) or left analog stick (for PlayStation) down twice. You may have to do this multiple times, however, depending on what the tempo is set to on the playcall screen. So, repeatedly double tap the sticks, until you see the Tempo (which can be found on the bottom of the screen) set to Chew Clock.