How to claim HUT Loyalty rewards in NHL 23

A reward for your Loyalty.

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In prior EA Sports NHL games, EA Sports has offered a variety of different HUT Loyalty packs in Hockey Ultimate Team for playing older NHL games. For NHL 23, these rewards were not available on launch day. However, HUT players now can claim Loyalty packs that include player items, jerseys and customization options, and Coin rewards. So, how can you claim HUT Loyalty packs? Let’s go over the requirements.

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How to claim HUT Loyalty rewards in NHL 23

Claiming HUT Loyalty rewards are incredibly easy in NHL 23. All you will have to do is create a Hockey Ultimate Team on either the Xbox or PlayStation account that you have used in prior NHL games. Then, log in to HUT, and there should be a notification welcoming you to the game, and that you have Loyalty packs waiting in the ‘Unopened Packs’ tab. This can be found in the HUT main menu -> Store -> Unopened Packs.

Now, we mentioned earlier that you must have played an NHL game from a prior year in order to be eligible for Loyalty rewards. If you played either NHL 20, NHL 21, or NHL 22 at some point, this will make you eligible for HUT Loyalty packs. And, the more NHL games from the past you have played, the more rewards one will be in store for.

Here’s a breakdown of the amount of Loyalty packs one will receive, depending on the number of past games played:

  • 1 of NHL 20, 21, or 22: three Loyalty packs
  • 2 of NHL 20, 21, or 22: five Loyalty packs
  • 3 of NHL, 20, 21, or 22: 10 Loyalty packs