How to claim Starpath Navigation rewards in Tower of Fantasy

Reach for the stars.

Image via Hotta Studios

To thank you for playing, MMOs and other social online games like to hold events that reward players with various in-game items. This is the case in Tower of Fantasy with the Starpath Navigation event. This event is pretty unique from other ones you come across in the game. Here is how you can progress in it and redeem rewards.

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How to get Starpath Navigation rewards in Tower of Fantasy

The Starpath Navigation is a small event that takes place whenever you create a new character in a server. To find it, you can open the Rewards Box in the top right corner of the screen after you have unlocked it, and then click on Newcomer Event at the bottom. You will see the screen below, which will have dozens of little challenges for you to complete.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As you complete each challenge, come here and claim the points for meeting its standards, and you will slowly accrue enough to begin redeeming items. When you have enough, click on the Points Rewards button in the bottom right of the screen to claim rewards, see your progress, and see how close you are to the next tier of rewards.

It is important to note that you are essentially on a timer for this event. It only lasts for 21 days after you create your character. There are various rewards for all tiers in the event, including Gold, Gold Nucleus, Matrix Data Packs, and Elemental Ore Shard Boxes, but probably the biggest reward is the SSR Weapon Box you get when you have accumulated 700 points in the event. If you have gotten far enough to get this, we would say you have done a successful job in the event.