Why you should pull before choosing your free SSRs in Tower of Fantasy

A little patience pays off.

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All new players in Tower of Fantasy eventually have access to a single free SSR Weapon via the Newcomer Event, which ends on August 18. You’ll need to accrue 700 Reward Points for doing various tasks in the game, like earning weekly activity points, doing a perfect decipher on password chests, and consistently logging in, among other actions. Once you have the free SSR box, you can choose a single SSR Weapon from the Standard Banner pool, but if you haven’t done any gacha pulls before getting it, we recommend you spend some Gold Nuclei and get a few pulls under your belt. Let’s take a look at why.

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How to get extra free SSRs in Tower of Fantasy

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The Gold Nuclei Standard Banner has pity protection at 80 total pulls, guaranteeing an SSR after you reach that threshold. What isn’t mentioned is how new accounts have another guaranteed SSR Weapon at 30 Special Orders in the Standard Banner, provided you haven’t reached that threshold before.

In other words, you can get three SSR Weapons in-game without needing to spend any real-world money, as there are easily 80 Gold Nuclei in the game world by the time you leave Astra Island or shortly after that.

When the time comes to finally use your free SSR weapon box, you’ll want to pull a weapon that compliments the team you’ve built. There are four team types in Tower of Fantasy, and the free Weapon should do something to improve or optimize for both single and multiplayer content:

  • Balance: Have one of each weapon category — Fortitude, Benediction, and Attack — equipped to receive a 5% buff to your final damage and damage reduction and 20% to shatter and healing. This bonus increases an additional 20% in team play.
  • Fortitude: Have at least two Fortitude-type weapons equipped to receive a 25% bonus to damage reduction, 60% to shatter, and 800% to enemy aggro. This bonus increases an additional 20% in team play.
  • Attack: Have at least two DPS-type weapons equipped for a 10% boost to final damage. This bonus increases by 40% in team play.
  • Benediction: Have at least two support-type weapons equipped to increase your healing by 100%, which gets an additional 100% buff in team play.

Once you have something to fit each team type, it’s time to start focusing on getting some best-in-class SSRs. There are several to choose from, but a few stand out.