How to claim titles in Phantasy Star Online 2

Wear your title on your sleeve, or above your head, in this case.

Image via Sega and Microsoft

If you’ve just completed an amazing feat in Phantasy Star Online 2 and wondering why your title hasn’t shown up, you’re probably not alone. Sega doesn’t spell out the fact that you need to talk to someone to claim your titles, along with the rewards that come with your new status.

Image via Sega

You’ll need to speak to Lachesis, who is located right between Treasure Shop Attendant Shirona and Quest Counter Attendant Rebecca. When you talk to her, you’ll open a window that shows you any titles you have earned including orange-highlighted titles that you have not yet claimed. You can also see the previous list of titles you’ve already finished and claimed.

When you click on one of the orange titles, you’ll automatically earn the rewards, and you can now display that title above your character’s name to the public. Lachesis can also show you lists of other titles, along with the requirements you must fulfill to earn them.

Your title will also display when you complete an Urgent Quest and perform the Victory Pose with everyone else. You can only earn a title once per account, so if you finish the same challenge with another character, you won’t earn a duplicate title or another set of rewards.