How to clean a PS5

With great power comes great amounts of dusting.

Image via PlayStation

Unlike the PS4 and PS4 Pro, the PS5 is certainly a cleaning-friendly piece of hardware, lacking any tight spaces that might collect large bits of dust. If you’re interested in giving it a periodic wipe down, it will only take a few minutes and will keep your giant console in tip-top shape.

Cleaning outside the console

Without having to take apart the device, the most convenient method is to grab a dry cloth and to brush off anything visible on the edges of the console’s black body. If your PS5 is sitting vertically on its stand, be sure to brush in an upward motion to prevent anything from dropping inside the vents.

For the back of the PS5, any visible dust, among other things, should be lightly wiped off to the side. If it hasn’t been cleaned in awhile, do not brush in the direction of the squared vents near the HDMI and power slots, as you’d be pushing the dust into the system.

In all likelihood, your PS5’s smooth black divider is covered in fingerprints by now. The best option to remove these marks is by spraying a small amount of surface cleaner into a different piece of clean cloth and softly wiping the body down. Do not directly spray the cleaner onto the PS5, as it may get inside and likely cause a technical issue.

Cleaning inside the console

Thankfully, the PS5’s outer white plates can be removed effortlessly. It’s done by softly pulling up from the backside of each. You can notice you are doing this correctly when their round pegs begin to come out.

Once that’s done, feel free to wipe down each side of the naked PS5 and the vents near the fan. You should also take the time to vacuum the holes on the sides of the console, as they are actually dust catchers. To ensure they continue doing their job, emptying these out once every few months is crucial.

With the top shell off, you also have the opportunity to polish the fan. This is possible by removing the four screws circling the fan and gently pulling out the white piece of plastic connected to the fans wires. Once you’ve brushed that off, your PS5 should look like its in day-one form all over again.