How to clean your Xbox Series X and Series S console

Keep your new console in tip top condition.

How to clean your Xbox Series X and Series S console

Image via Microsoft

Keeping your Xbox Series X or Series S console free of dust will make it run smoother, faster, and work for longer. You will encounter problems with either system if you do not look after it, so it is worth knowing how to effectively clean your new console.

The first thing you need to do is turn your Xbox Series X or S console off. Hold down the Xbox logo button on your controller until a new menu pops up. Select the ‘turn console off’ option and wait for it to power down and, after it has, unplug every cable from the system. Unplug it from the wall to be safe too.

Next, take a dry, clean cloth. Wipe the exterior of the console down to remove any dust or other debris from its surfaces. It goes without saying that you should not use a damp or wet cloth to clean your console. Even though it isn’t plugged in, it is still an electrical item, and any water that makes it inside the system will cause irreparable issues.

If you need to clean the vent on your Xbox Series X or Series S console, follow the advice above before you do.

  1. Run the cloth gently across any of the vent ports that have a layer of dust on them.
  2. Do not insert the cloth into the vent as this could cause issues with the heat sink inside.

The heat sink keeps the console cool and draws hot air away from the internals, so you will want to keep this in good condition. Otherwise, your system will overheat, and you won’t be able to use it for long, if at all.

Finally, give the DVD drive — if you have an Xbox Series X — a quick wipe with a dry cloth, as well as the cable ports and the vent on the back. This will help with heat transition and keep the connection between your cables and console in good nick. Once you are happy that your console is dust-free, reattach the cables and turn your system on to ensure it is operating smoothly.

You might be tempted to use a vacuum to clean your machine. While this might sound good in practice, it is best not to use this method. The vacuum could disrupt something inside the console, which could lead to internal damage. Play it safe and use a cloth, and you will be golden.