How to clear all of the Outskirts bonus objectives in Floppy Knights

Reach for the stars, one tile at a time.

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The first area in Floppy Knights is the Outskirts, and there are several bonus objectives you’ll want to complete. A majority of the bonus objectives aren’t too tough to clear — you might end up clearing the first few as you plow your way through the maps. The last few, however, ask you to reign in the bad habits you may have. If you’re hitting a stumbling block with the third and fourth stages, or if you’re unfamiliar with tactics games and you’re looking for help with the first two, we have a few brief tips to get you over the hump.

Stage 1

The first stage asks you to make your way through the map while defeating all of the opponents. The bonus objective here is to clear the map without losing one of your own units. There are two ways to do this. Your commander at this point is all about rushing in and doing damage. Take advantage of Plow Ahead to pick the enemies off one at a time while leaving yourself enough energy to retreat out of range of their allies. 

Secondly, your little fern friend is great for repositioning units. They come with a free movement card and their kick shoves enemies. Have them follow your commander and use them to bail you out of trouble with a few extra points of damage. You’ll survive without taking on any losses as long as you stay out of range of the sloppy goblin until you’re ready to pick him off in a single turn.

Stage 2

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This Floppy Knights stage challenges you to grab a fallen satchel before the enemy. If you like, the simplest solution is to send in a secondary unit to grab the item and allow them to fall to the slimes. Additionally, sending in your commander alone and using the full energy meter to pull them back out to regroup and take out the slimes is an easy win if you pull a strong opening hand.

Stage 3

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The trees here are going to be your friends. Your commander can Plow Ahead on the first turn and knock out a goblin or two. Keep yourself to the right of the mountains and wait until you pull a hand with enough attacking cards to take the satellite tower out in a single turn. Don’t let the mallet-wielding goblin scare you off. The battle will end as long as you take out the tower, so focus your fire and claim your win.

Stage 4

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The first three stages have primed you to play a little fast and loose with your tactics. The final stage in the Outskirts is your first opportunity to flex a little grey matter. Holding the target is our preferred method of victory here, so pull your units together in a tight formation, focusing on the bruiser in the woods. Once you’ve hit the second deployment area, you’ll be able to unsummon a unit that ended up lagging behind. Dash behind the mountains and park on the flag, preferably with your commander or a similarly bulky unit. The intimidating goblin with the slingshot doesn’t seem to like shooting over the mountains, so as long as you’ve cleared your aisle of approach, you’ll survive the two turns before you’re beset upon by the strongest units in the north.