How to collect all 5 gems in Muck

Defeat the Guardian, and collect the gems.

Image via Dani

Although the main objective of Muck is to survive for as long as possible, there is also an optional storyline that players can complete. To earn the “I am Inevitable” title, which can only be done after completing the game, players need to collect 5 gems of different colors and revamp a Shipwreck.

How to collect all 5 gems

Image Via Dani

Players must locate the shipwreck, repair it, and then locate the map with all Guardians’ locations. There are 5 Guardians in total, and each will leave a gem behind when defeated.

There is also another method that involves using a seed. Simply use the 221294511¬†seed¬†a soon as the game starts, and the locations for all 5 guardians will appear on your map. Head over to each location and battle against the Guardians to collect gems. Keep in mind, defeating Guardians is a challenging task, and many players might struggle with it. However, players that have access to Gronk’s Sword or an Ancient Bow will find the battle much easier.

Defeat the Guardian at each location and collect the gem. Once you collect all 5 gems, use them to replenish the engine of the Shipwreck. That said, here are all the materials required to revamp the old boat completely:

  • 140x Wood
  • 12x Iron Bar
  • 7x Obamium Bar
  •  7x Adamantite Bar
  • 25x Iron Bar
  • 14x Ruby
  • 5x Gem
  • 1x Ancient Core
  • 20x Dark Oak Wood
  • 13x Flax Fiber
  •  5x Rope
  • 60x Rock
  • 30x Wheat
  • 10x Raw Meat
  • 15x Fir Wood
  • 15x Oak Wood
  • 8x Dark Oak Wood
  • 10x Gold Bar

Collecting all the resources might take a while, but once done, the game’s storyline will pretty much end.